Welcome to TMW Unlimited

At TMW Unlimited, we create influential ideas that unlock the power of how people feel. We do this by using an approach called Intelligent Influence.

Behavioural and brain science has shown that emotions are at the heart of decision making, often operating at an unconscious level that we aren’t able to articulate. Emotions enable us to make faster and more efficient decisions – without this, we’d crumble under the sheer weight of processing required to function day in, day out.

In short: we tend to feel first, then do, then think.

Intelligent Influence harnesses this understanding to create highly effective, omni-channel communications that achieve desired consumer behaviours.

It is underpinned by a simple set of tools, which are used consistently.

Here are the areas we can help you with.

In digital, we utilise everything from email and broader eCRM through to mobile, social media, influencer outreach, community management, websites (design, UX and build) and of course, search. In print, well targeted direct mail and customer magazines are still an intelligent part of our armoury. We have also got brand response experience in ATL channels including TV, press, outdoor and radio.

Our shopper marketing division also takes a fully integrated approach – from out of home and experiential to in-bar activations – all of which actively influences shoppers, consumers and retailers to give brands the best possible purchase outcome.

But we couldn’t do all of this without the most intelligent data. With a strong team of data planners, analysts, digital data experts and data consultants to paint an intimate picture of consumer behaviour, we are in the perfect position to implement Intelligent Influence.

As TMW Unlimited, we are also able to provide an enhanced range of services as part of our new group brand offer: Creston Unlimited. With unlimited thinking at its heart, Creston Unlimited brings together discipline experts from across 25 specialist agencies within the Creston group, giving you access to an even wider range of disciplines working seamlessly together.

The Principals

  • Paul Tullo

    Paul Tullo

    Group Chairman

  • Richard Marshall

    Richard Marshall

    Group CEO

  • Chris Freeland

    Chris Freeland

    Joint CEO

  • Chris Pearce

    Chris Pearce

    Joint CEO

What's our point of view?

The world of marketing has changed beyond recognition over recent years and it can sometimes feel like chaos out there. From grappling with so called ‘Big Data’, to integrating multiple touch points and understanding the inherent unpredictability of people, we help our clients impose some order on this chaos with our Intelligent Influence approach.

This puts behavioural understanding at the heart of what we do, supported by real user journey analysis which allows us to develop culturally relevant creative ideas that get distributed, shared and talked about. Combined with an ‘effectiveness first’ culture and a desire to adapt and learn, we help our clients succeed in these challenging times.


"We help our clients succeed in these challenging times"


We work with an impressive range of clients across many different sectors for both B2B and B2C audiences. More often than not we plan and implement a wide variety of campaign activity to support clients’ needs through different channels as we've highlighted above.

  • Unilever
  • Sainsbury's
  • Diageo
  • Virgin Trains
  • Sony
  • Activision
  • Nissan
  • Infiniti
  • HSBC
  • Canon Europe
  • McCain
  • Reckitt Benckiser

Our capabilities

  • Strategy

    Strategy provides the fuel for our ‘Intelligent Influence’ approach. Translating insights gained from our research and analysis, we develop communications strategies that harness the key influences on consumers to achieve specific business goals. Work includes target audience definition, creative proposition development, channel planning, targeting and contact strategy, measurement and effectiveness and ROI modelling.

  • Data

    Data underpins everything we do - it helps us generate insight, informs our thinking, inspires brilliant solutions and ultimately tells us whether our campaigns actually worked. It forms part of the Intelligence behind our ‘Intelligent Influence’ approach. With an ever-growing volume and type of data available, we help clients work out what they need to collect and how to use it to their advantage. Our services span data planning, web and social analytics and technical solutions. 

  • Creative

    Our creative team is made up of Copywriters, Art Directors, UI, Product and Print Designers, Animators, Film-makers and more. We combine our skills in different ways, blurring the line between creative and technology, with one aim: to produce brilliant creative work that genuinely influences people.

  • Relationship marketing

    Relationship marketing has been a core offering of the agency for over 25 years. We offer end to end programme management using data to segment customers and drive messaging, strategic planning, data management, creative execution and measurement and evaluation. Our highly personalised and targeted programmes intelligently influences through email, direct mail, mobile and social and web platforms.

  • Shopper

    Our shopper marketing offering focuses on activating shoppers from engagement to purchase whenever and wherever they are in a purchase mind-set. We work with an emphasis on the shopper, understanding their behaviour, using these learnings to develop a core message and then interpreting this message into a set of communications which influence action from across all touchpoints along the path to purchase.

  • Social engagement

    TMW Unlimited has a Community and Participation Team that is responsible for creating brand value in social and influencing consumer behaviour through community management and influencer outreach. Our expertise includes social strategy, channel planning, insight generation, social listening, influence network identification and relationship building and social technology development and deployment.

  • Mobile & connected consumer

    We offer full service mobile strategy and execution services. Not only do we ensure that brands’ websites and communications can be accessed on multiple screens, we also create apps to proactively take advantage of the diverse functionality of these devices. We deploy mass solutions as well as brand new technologies such as HTML5 experiences for early adopters.

  • Content marketing

    Creating content worth sharing is important to successfully influencing consumers in digital and social spaces. Putting the principles of editorial and feature writing combined with filmic content at the heart of what we do, we employ journalists and motion specialists to create multi-format and highly optimised content to be shared and distributed across digital platforms and technologies.

  • Website design & build

    We are firm believers in responsive and adaptive design led by a strong UX centred approach which guarantees that our websites fit multiple screen sizes and usage contexts. We support all the major frameworks and languages and can develop backend systems ranging from simple blogs or Facebook pages to transactional sites.

  • Search

    Our teams specialise in a wide range of search capabilities including code optimisation, hosting optimisation, site migration, content optimisation in SMO and SEO, conversion optimisation and shopping optimisation, link optimisation, video optimisation and image optimisation. Matching the evolution of content with consumers’ desire to find information, we create a rich search breadcrumb within any digital channel.


Accreditations & Affiliations

TMW Unlimited is proud to have the following accreditations and affiliations.