Lynx celebrates 1 millionth fan milestone with celebratory film

Lynx celebrates 1 millionth fan milestone with celebratory film

Last week, Lynx celebrated a milestone as its UK and Ireland Facebook page reached 1 million fans. This achievement marks Lynx out as the first Unilever brand to reach 1 million fans in the UK and Ireland.

To mark the occasion, Lynx released a celebratory film on Facebook as a 'thank you' to its fans. Opening with the line 'The one millionth Lynx Effect', the film, which was produced by TMW, features a Rube Goldberg machine being activated by the fictional 1 millionth fan.

In the film, the protagonist sets off a chain reaction around his bedroom, which is built from an extensive range of Lynx products and past campaign references. The references range from the more obvious angel wings featured in the Lynx Excite campaign, to underwear and trainers from the iconic Getting Dressed ad, the more subtle map of Africa with the distinct three claw marks and the Dark Temptation chocolate man.

The chain reaction ends with the 1 millionth fan getting the Lynx Effect. In turn this causes a beautiful girl to enter the scene and trigger the chaotic climax which reveals the cast and crew who put the machine together.

The machine and set took three weeks to build and the one-day shoot consisted of 58 takes and resets to capture the final video.