Nissan e-zines are built to thrill

Nissan e-zines are built to thrill

TMW has launched a series of e-zines as part of the Nissan Juke ‘Built to Thrill’ campaign.

Targeting existing and prospective Nissan customers, the Juke e-zines feature a range of exclusive content, driving to a dedicated ‘Built to Thrill’ hub.

The content includes information about exhilarating events and experiences, which have been designed by the world’s only thrill engineer Brendan Walker, as well as special offers and news stories. Recipients are invited to take the ‘Thrill Test’ to determine their ‘Thrill Profile’ and be in with a chance of winning a range of prizes, including the world’s only Dark Knight Rises Juke Nismo.

The e-zines form part of an integrated campaign which runs until March 2013. Inspired by adventure sports, the Juke model is ‘built to thrill’ and the experiences featured throughout the different elements of the campaign reflect the car’s adventurous nature.