Lewis Moody's Team Talk


Diageo / Guinness


Inspire rugby fans to get together to watch the Investec Autumn Internationals.

Our Solution

Give rugby fans the chance to create a personalised team talk from England captain, Lewis Moody, encouraging them to watch the game as a team. An initial trailer features action-packed rugby footage and Moody giving a passionate team talk to an empty changing room.

Using MMS, full page online advertising, interactive video advertising, and finally an email, we drove fans to sign up for the Facebook app. Facebook users must 'like' the Guinness page to use the 'Get Your Team Out' app. The app then lets them create a personalised video, putting them and their friends in front of Moody.


  • 29,000+ likes on Facebook
  • 10,000+ interactions
  • 70,000 views on You Tube
  • 16% email open rate
  • 36% click thru rate

The client's objectives were met by driving fans' interest through engaging content in social media.

Darren Smith, Business Director