Summer Party.


Drive purchase by landing the idea that summer simply isn’t summer without Pimm’s.

Our Solution

A truly integrated campaign, the big idea was to create a quasi-political party whose manifesto was to create the most perfect summer ever with pledges such as banning wasps and providing socks and sandals for all.

Launched with a big party when the clocks went forward, TV and online advertising drove people to join in the fun via facebook, voting on the quirky pledges and signing up for a range of party inspired freebies like bunting and Pimm’s jugs which could be redeemed through Sainsbury’s. To add to the excitement, the campaign also featured a Pimm’s Summer Party campaign bus which toured the country and a special edition bottle.

Recognising the different channels of influence resulted in record-breaking sales figures for Pimm's in Sainsbury's.

Director of Strategy