Dogs Trust.
Dog Doo. Done.

It was love at first scoop with this romantic tale of how we got dog owners to clean up after their dogs.

Dogs Trust came to us with one big problem – dog mess. Research shows that it’s seen as one of the biggest nuisances in public places in the UK with people often blaming the dogs. During the annual Big Scoop campaign, we wanted to change that.


Teaching old dogs new tricks

Research revealed that 14% of owners don’t pick up after their dogs every time. Recognising that these same owners value being part of a community of dog walkers, we set about influencing their behaviour by showing them that they were in the minority and letting the side down.


Dog awful pick-up lines

We know that dog owners love their dogs, but we started thinking about how much dogs love their owners for cleaning up their poo. So our creative featured the pick-up lines dogs might use to express their love for the person who picks up after them.

Everybody and his dog

Posters and bin wraps of our affectionate pooches featured in parks across the UK for four weeks, providing a 76% awareness level of the campaign. And during this time, the amount of dog mess decreased by 64% on average.