Infiniti Europe.
Digital Launch.


Transform INFINITI’s web presence from an ‘information-centric’ brand hub to an ‘entertainment-focused’ brand destination.


Our Solution

We subverted the category approach and stopped trying to behave in the same way as our competitors. There was no way we could out-inform or out-advertise the German fortress. So we followed our emotional brand character and decided we could out-entertain them instead.

We launched a brand new website. One that’s stripped back, lighter, more engaging and contemporary. And moved away from heavy, text rich, model information; rebalancing page real estate in favour of entertaining content. We also structured the site so that CTAs were both clear and omnipresent.


Since launch, the Lead Take Rate remains buoyant and in fact exceeds our prelaunch KPI. It is up 26% in the Live Markets and 19% in G4 markets.

Through the website relaunch, we’re taking INFINITI into an exciting era of branded content and entertainment.

Head of Planning