An emotionally driven health and safety campaign that achieved mass frontline staff engagement and transformed behaviour.

After an increase in robberies and serious safety incidences, Shell UK knew that the conversation around health and safety needed refreshing. So in 2018, they launched ‘Go Home Well’ – a health and safety programme for the 10,000 frontline staff running their 1,000+ service stations. Go Home Well aimed to remind frontline staff why best practice at work is so important for ensuring their personal safety. Our task was to deliver this message in a way that would get cut-through on busy internal channels, drive engagement across the network, and ultimately affect change.

Work to live. Not live to work.

For Go Home Well to truly resonate, we needed staff to engage on an emotional level. At its core, Go Home Well tapped into a universal human truth: we all work to live, not live to work. So we encouraged staff to think about their wellbeing at work from the point of view of their loved ones at home – a complete change of mindset.

We shared heartfelt stories of real frontline staff and their loved ones, challenging the distinct separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’, and encouraging frontline staff to think about their own motivation to stay safe.

We created a hero film and supporting suite of assets to best showcase these human stories, which we delivered through a blockbuster launch and range of internal activations. All helping to change internal culture and help reframe health and safety from the ground up.


Launching with impact

To maximise impact, we needed to get all stakeholders on board from the off. We launched Go Home Well at Shell’s annual conference, screening our film to an audience of hundreds of frontline and management staff. We encouraged attendees to interact with the campaign by sharing the diverse reasons why they ‘#GoHomeWell’ on whiteboards. These personal pledges were a powerful proof point heralding the beginning of a cultural shift. Subsequently, we launched the film across digital channels (internal Facebook groups, intranet and internal email).



Shell UK’s internal Facebook page was soon inundated with staff across the country sharing why they #GoHomeWell. Our film was the most viewed post ever on Shell’s internal Facebook group, with 95% of employees saying they now ‘thought more about why they Go Home Well’.

By leveraging human insight to reposition a functional practice, Go Home Well has transformed behaviour. What began as a one-off UK activation has now been rolled out as a long-term programme across Europe, Thailand, and South Africa. Shell’s long-term plan is to use Go Home Well as the company’s global health and safety platform.

Client Quote:

“Health and safety is our top priority in everything we do. The Go Home Well programme has completely re-defined how staff – including those at the frontline – are engaging in health and safety. Making it personal to them allowed us to really anchor this important but rational message. We are impressed by the huge behavior change and impact Go Home Well is making, and how engaged the frontline staff are with it.”