Chick vs bunny.

A head to head fluffiness fight to get people to show how baking with Stork with Butter makes every cake a knockout.

Easter is one of the biggest events in the baking calendar and we wanted bakers across the UK to choose Stork with Butter – knowing this would help them bake light and fluffy cakes that everyone wants to eat. With two cupcake recipes, one for a chick and one for a bunny, we took to social media to spread the word.

Our cake contenders

Casting the fluffiest Easter stars alongside our freshly baked cupcakes, we created a tongue-in-cheek video to really emphasise just how fluffy Stork with Butter makes cakes – so fluffy, in fact, that our narrator got the cakes confused with their real-life counterparts.


Going head to head

To get people to engage with our campaign, we added a competitive edge. Filming videos of our two contenders, we used these on social media to ask people to pledge their allegiance using #StorkChick or #StorkBunny and sharing a picture of their bunny or chick cake creations.


Fighting their corner

Influencers were soon taking sides including two ex-GBBO stars – with Ruth Clemens on Team Chick and Edd Kimber on Team Bunny. By encouraging their followers to do the same, they helped us achieve 11.7 million impressions on Facebook and a reach of 1.9 million on Instagram.

Our Easter Fluffiness Champion

After three weeks of campaigning and over 600,000 votes, it was #StorkBunny who hopped away with the title. But the real winners were the bakers across the country who started choosing Stork with Butter to make sure their cakes were always light and fluffy.



Marketing Society Awards 2016
Brand Revitalisation