Kitchen Academy.


To help Knorr become an everyday kitchen staple and focus more on the new ‘Knorr chefs’ – a group of highly experienced, professional chefs who feature in ATL campaigns and reinforce the brand’s taste credentials.

Our Solution

We know our target audience enjoy cooking and actively seek variety and inspiration – usually via the internet, including social media. So our opportunity, as we saw it, lay in offering something unique and action-orientated – positioning the Knorr chefs as hands-on mentors, rather than just brand figureheads.

The solution? A Knorr Facebook page that could offer more than just great content and deliver a brand-led service in the form of an actual online cooking school. Voila! The Knorr Kitchen Academy (KKA) was born.

To bring people onboard, we sent out an email and created display ads and an iPad iAd. We also created an app to encourage fans to take an entrance exam covering cooking knowledge, interests and styles. The results automatically matched them to one of our Knorr chefs who then became their culinary tutor. Facebook posts from the Knorr chefs delivered tailored recipe suggestions and culinary tips to help them develop their skills and extend their repertoire. Even better, the Academy gave fans the chance to attend a live cooking Masterclass with the Knorr chefs.


  • 404% growth in Facebook fan acquisition
  • 58% increase in post shares and consumption
  • 15,000 visitors to the KKA Facebook app during the seven week campaign period. 46% took the exam
  • Visits to Knorr website showed an uplift of 30%

More than just a campaign idea, it’s now a brand property that’s present across all digital channels – globally.

Creative Director