Broadband with bells on.

Building awareness, creating consideration and increasing uptake of Vodafone home broadband.

Vodafone broadband is unlike any other broadband. You can focus the signal with BEAM, speed up specific devices with BOOST, control access to the internet with Family Time and easily let friends connect with Guest Wi-Fi. The market only talks about pricing, so these features gave us the chance to achieve real cut-through.


A better connection

As the broadband’s features mean different things to different people, we had to make sure they could truly resonate with our audiences. So we used intelligent segmentation to divide our database into 17 groups and tailored our creative so it was relevant for each specific group.


Room for something new

To make our message stand out, we created a new look and feel for broadband. From buffer-free bedrooms to streaming in the study, we used illustrations to show our broadband in action in different rooms around the house – bringing the benefits to life.

Driving the message home

Our series of four emails built up to a broadband sales call that all Vodafone customers receive. Each one of our comms was designed to increase awareness and understanding of our product – resulting in a dramatic increase in conversion for the call centre.