Putting Absolut at the heart of drinking occasions

Absolut. Essential Occasions.


To help Absolut turn iconic advertising into increased sales, we created a new communications platform for the brand. Activated in on and off trade, the global toolkit provided consumers with reasons to purchase the brand for at-home or in-bar consumption.
We identified that Absolut didn’t always have a clear role for consumers. And so we developed a visual idea which put the brand at the absolute heart of occasions you would share with friends. This ‘Absolut Essentials’ platform inspired them to choose Absolut over other drinks.


We brought this to life with two key visuals which focused on what we knew were key social occasions: ‘pre-gaming’ a night out with friends, and the entertaining opportunity that is summer.  The eye-catching visuals literally put Absolut at the heart of the occasion – turning the unforgettable Absolut bottle silhouette into props like a portable speaker and a flip flop, and building the fun and atmosphere of the occasion around it.
Channels: On trade – Beer mats, Menus, Posters. Off trade – Shelf wobblers, Free standing units, Aisle end caps.


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