Two product launches,
two multi-channel global toolkits, two shoots.

ghd.  'All Rise' and 'Between the sheets'

To help ghd make noise with the launch of two of their hot brush styling products, we created multi-market launch campaigns that ran globally across VOD, social, digital, print, Press and POS.
As the most irreverent personal styling brand on the market, the campaigns brought to life the product benefits in a way that only ghd can – by celebrating female sexuality beautifully and unapologetically.
Across both campaigns we created a hero launch film and a suite of social and digital content, including cutdowns, banners, GIFs and stills. To maximise investment in the campaign, we put together a ‘super-shoot’, generating assets for multiple channels in one hit, allowing us to drive down the cost of production.

ghd 'All rise' 20"

ghd rise – All rise
The ghd rise is ghd’s first volumising hot brush. In our ‘All rise’ campaign we show how ghd rise offers the highest, fullest and longest volume a woman can get. Our two beautiful models are styling their hair before they are literally elevated into the air.

ghd glide – Queen of the Sheets
The ghd glide smooths hair in seconds making second-day styling even easier. Our ‘Queen of the Sheets’ campaign shows the beautiful hair users can achieve effortlessly, allowing them to roll out of bed and be good to go in no time.
When the campaign went live stocks of the ghd glide sold out in the UK within the space of ten days, creating a waiting list of 5,000 customers within two weeks. The campaign was so successful that TMW was again appointed as lead agency on the brand’s latest product launch, the ghd Rise.

ghd 'Between the sheets' 20"


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