Increasing engagement with car insurance by embracing the unexpected

Aviva. Embrace the Unexpected


Aviva had a clear ambition: to make their car insurance the go-to brand of choice.

To help them achieve this, we needed to deliver an always-on campaign which would allow us to drive meaningful engagement with the brand across the renewal cycle, ensuring that Aviva is front of mind during the short purchase window.

But first, we needed to resolve a big challenge. Typically, car insurance is a low engagement purchase – consumers tend to only interact with the product when they need to renew.   

What's more, the category is focused on the moment of crisis, meaning that a negative narrative exists around the product.

Insights from our Human Understanding Lab identified that consumers associating purely with the negative impacts how communications are perceived.  Too much negativity means that your brand is inherently linked with problems. This meant that there was an opportunity for us to shift the narrative around Aviva to a place where the brand would be associated as part of a positive solution.

This divergence in thinking would allow us to differentiate Aviva within the category and support the front of mind position we were looking to deliver.

Our solution was to develop a campaign that moved beyond moments of crisis, and explored the wider context of the emotions people feel when it comes to driving. Yes, people can find it stressful, but there are lots of positive associations too. Driving is unpredictable and full of surprising experiences, including plenty of special moments that become lifelong memories.

So, Embrace the Unexpected was born. We focused on the exciting but unforeseen moments that can come when we're in the car. By reminding people of the brighter side of driving we were able to show them how it takes Aviva to give them the confidence to lean into the unanticipated moments – good or bad.

Encompassing standalone ads, bite-sized stories on social, display and bumper breaks, we delivered content across a multiple platforms and brought the feel-good factor back to driving – inviting people to #EmbraceTheUnexpected. We also provided real help to drivers by partnering with Waze to offer tips on how to navigate unexpected challenges on the road. 


  • The engagement with our campaign has been fantastic.
  • We saw an 87% average view through rate on our key creative execution.
  • Crucially, this led to an 18% increase in brand awareness in our first campaign, setting us well on our way to ensuring Aviva is the go to brand for car insurance.
  • The campaign was extended into the next three quarters, with home insurance also being added into the campaign framework.

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