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GSMA. Case for Change

GSMA is a trade body of nearly 800 telecom operators, using technology and connectivity to make a difference to people around the world.

To foster government support for their work, we engaged the voice of the most powerful and connected generation ever – millennials.

From mobile birth registration in Pakistan to robot teachers in Norway, our #CaseForChange travelled the world filled with everything influencers needed to talk about the difference mobile operators were making in their country.

GSMA case study

Shooting the first Case for change ourselves as a template ('What if mobile gave the power of sight' in Boston, USA), we worked with a network of influencers and filmmakers in 17 countries around the world to agilely produce hundreds of assets.

From short social edits, to in depth longer form content, we used our in-house production studio Move Studios to pull together all of these assets, ensuring campaign consistency and social best practice. All under the #caseforchange banner, these assets were used digitally and socially around the world by GSMA and mobile operators alike, and our campaign formed a major exhibit at Mobile world congress.


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