Reimagining an all-time classic marketing campaign.

Diet Coke. Give yourself a Diet Coke break

'Give yourself a Diet Coke break' 20" TVC

After a pretty long period off air, Diet Coke was looking to get back into the hearts, minds, and shopping baskets of consumers. It was still just as refreshing as always, but how could we rekindle that audience love, and do it delicatelywhilst in the middle of the COVID 19 lockdown?
We identified that day-to-day pressures often put our audience in desperate need of a break. A need all the more heightened by the pressure cooker situation of lockdown. So we decided to bring back the Diet Coke break. Not the sexually suggestive mid 90s version – but a more caring, wellness driven take for today’s audience. The new Diet Coke break is about giving yourself a moment of respite and rejuvenation from the turmoil that often defines modern living.

Case study (including radio edit)


Our TVC features a jarring visual and aural landscape that dramatizes this turmoil, before the familiar can sweeps in accompanied by the smart neuro cues of the drink being opened and poured. Across TV, social, radio, and print executions the campaign created literal moments of calm – the pared back simplicity of the product and a warm VO that encourages everyone to ‘Give yourself a Diet Coke break’.
Channels: TV, Radio, Social, OOH.


  • 71% of the Strategic Target Audience agreed with the message:
    “Diet Coke gives me a refreshing break”
  • The campaign saw a Likeability score of 90%
  • Volume growth +15.4% in MTD (August) vs PY

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