Bringing a multi channel story to life

Freesat Live Life Free

Freesat, the UK’s biggest subscription-free satellite TV platform, needed a new creative platform to bring their brand purpose to life: giving people freedom of entertainment, without the monthly bills.
With over 170 channels, alongside all the usual streaming players, the brief to us was to challenge perceptions that Freesat was a ‘downgrade’ and position the brand as the gateway to a world of free entertainment.
Utilising our truly integrated and human understanding approach, we avoided a TV-first strategy and instead created a campaign platform that works across every channel, seamlessly.
Featuring two adorable crab characters who discover a whole world of free entertainment just above their heads, our campaign invites viewers to ‘Live life free’ through the eyes of our charming crustaceans: Ossi & Pod.


Freesat 'Live life free' 30" TVC

The intrepid crab duo represents everyone in the audience who doesn’t yet know that there’s a world of free entertainment available, while the vibrant fairground world they discover represents all the free entertainment that Freesat has to offer, including over 170 channels and On-Demand services.

Our end-to-end integrated campaign centred on a reappraisal story, waking customers up to a whole world of subscription-free satellite TV. With executions across TV, Social, VOD, Radio, and Doordrop, the campaign embodies TMW Unlimited’s purpose to create ‘Ideas that move people’ from awareness to consideration to purchase, by tapping into the customer desire to pay less for our TV – ‘because monthly bills make us crabby.’ 


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