Moving furniture buyers to rethink outdated brand perceptions

Oak Furnitureland Grow your home

Oak Furnitureland had a problem with brand misattribution and were losing standout against the competition. Our task was to create a more distinctive, emotionally compelling brand platform that would shift style perceptions around the brand – perceptions that were deeply ingrained after years of very functional (and slightly cheesy!) advertising.  


'Grow your home' 30" TVC

Building on their heritage for craft and quality, we decided to celebrate the longevity of Oak Furnitureland’s entire product range, by showing how their combination of style and substance enables meaningful experiences throughout life’s journey.  
Our new brand platform ‘Grow Your Home’ is built from the idea that home isn’t something that happens overnight, it grows with us throughout our lives. In the TVC, we take people on a journey through three stylish homes located in the biggest oak tree in the world, before ending with the brand’s new belief ‘you don’t just furnish a home, you grow one.’ 

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