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Infiniti. The drive to become 

INFINITI wanted a campaign to showcase their range of all-wheel drive cars but did not have the media firepower to compete with the usual German premium manufacturers. Our solution was to develop an overarching theme for all their communications that could flex depending on the message needed. Through smart media placement, high production values and a creative consistency on all channels and through the customer journey, we were able to give a perception of scale.

For this all-wheel drive campaign we drew parallels between the three cars and triathletes who need to have the ability to navigate different surfaces and terrain, yet be powerful and agile on each. Before shooting the ad, we ensured the idea could stretch across all consumer touchpoints. At the outset we devised plans for landscape and portrait formats, long and short executions, car and feature detail executions for sequential retargeting, stills and GIFs for static channels and lead generation. All triathletes featured were also influencers in their field allowing us to get further reach and credibility with the story.
The campaign was packaged into a toolkit allowing the idea to not only be deployed at a European level, but at a retailer and International one too. This enabled the creative to be seen on retailer social channels in Glasgow and national TV in Taiwan.


13% more qualified web visits
46% increase for car configurations started
182% increase in test drives 
39% increase in directly attributable sales


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