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We know that up to 66% of purchases are influenced by local activity, but most national brands focus disproportionately on their national advertising in relation to local marketing.

Audiences and competitor profiles are not the same in Mayfair and Macclesfield. Every area is different, so has specific marketing requirements.

Even if brands recognise this reality, they may still perceive it as a daunting issue to overcome. If a company operates all over the country, attempting to understand the local nuances of each location seems like a complicated and laborious task.

That’s why we created our Local Insight Hub. With it, we can consolidate multiple datasets into one interactive and easy-to use tool that helps brands and retailers find, reach and engage their target audiences in local catchment areas – on a national scale.

Because it has the power to combine data from internal and external sources, and to outline clear recommendations accordingly, it empowers every local marketer to make informed, bespoke decisions that would otherwise be out of reach without time-consuming and expensive support from data analysts.


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Ford Local Insight Hub on laptop
Ford Local Insight Hub

As the UK’s biggest automotive manufacturer, Ford has over 300 retailers, each with unique requirements. Here's how they use the Local Insight Hub to serve each retailer with individual analysis and recommendations.

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