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Liquitex Just Imagine

With rich heritage, a trusted name in the creative community, and an innovative and ever-expanding range of art supplies, Liquitex was doing a lot of things right.

However, when it came to their consumer comms, things were feeling inconsistent and passive. Instead of facilitating the action, they were being too observational. This left audiences disengaged, giving competitors a chance to increase their relevancy.

What Liquitex needed was a unifying creative platform; something unapologetically bold that exuded colour, swagger, possibilities, and highlighted how they understood the nuances creativity better than anyone else.

To do this, we knew we had to create a platform that made it clear to audiences that if they could think it, with Liquitex products and support, they could make it real. All they had to do was: Just Imagine.

Liquitex Just imagine launch film

Based upon the insight that creativity isn’t always pretty (or easy), our hero film built an emotional connection with audiences by highlighting all phases of the creative process – from trepidation to elation, self-doubt to sparks of genius.

Working closely with three well-known artists, the film became an unflinching, no-holds-barred visual love letter to the journey of creativity, and launched Just Imagine with lashings of colour, empathy, and infectious energy.

Along with teaser and artist cutdown edits, the launch was supported by a series of posters that put the new Just Imagine art direction, photography, and tone of voice on full display.

Live activations in key U.S. markets gave Just Imagine even greater reach and showed how the idea could seamlessly translate into the real world.

 And early results have exceeded even what we imagined was possible for the campaign…

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