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Toyota. Local Retailer Activation 

As one of the world’s biggest automotive brands, Toyota has an ambitious and distinctive international brand strategy. However, with 66% of sales driven by local marketing, it’s essential this messaging is activated in a way that supports the retailers within its network. 

As Toyota’s key delivery partner for 11 years and counting, we deliver bespoke, hyperlocal campaigns and collateral that assist each of Toyota’s 184 UK retailers, while also amplifying the overarching brand strategy. 

These integrated campaigns, which run across all channels and cover all of Toyota’s business areas, are turbocharged by local insight to ensure that we are maximising effectiveness, regardless of geographical or demographic variations.


  • Our work with the network has delivered growth for Toyota in an automotive market that is down by 7.5%

  • Network lead conversion across all channels has dramatically improved, whilst cost per conversion is significantly reduced

  • Our C-HR launch campaign was recognised by the DMA with a Silver award in the B2B category

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