Setting London on the path to recovery

London & Partners. Let’s Do London 2021

As summer 2021 approached, and lockdown restrictions eased, London was desperate to bring domestic tourists back to the city.

We realised that people had had enough of introspection, especially from advertisers. They were ready to live again. To have experiences. To share those with others.

Our strategy was to give people the reassurance they needed to get out and about again, as well as reminding them why London is such a fantastic place to reconnect with loved ones.

Building on our ‘Let’s Do London’ creative platform, we created a campaign about the stories these experiences allow us to tell – stories which are the building blocks of human interaction. We led with radio and a vibrant TVC that seamlessly knitted together the stories of different people’s trips to London, showcasing the variety of experiences on offer.

Let's Do London 30" TVC

We also targeted specific audiences through eye-catching OOH and a range of social videos and stills.

On the strength of our idea, the city’s tourist board – London & Partners – committed £6 million to creating the capital’s biggest ever tourist campaign, launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan the day after his re-election to office.

Results were beyond expectation, setting London on the path to recovery. For example, those who recalled the TVC were more than twice as likely to visit London, and visitor numbers were up at all times of day, accompanied by increased spend per visitor. Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office reported our Let’s Do London campaign has brought in an estimated £70 million to London’s economy over the summer - with 280,000 visitors flocking to the capital. Described at its launch as the “biggest domestic tourism campaign” London has ever seen, it attracted visitors back to London, aiding the recovery of the hospitality, culture and retail sectors that had suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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