The AJ Lynx Drop

A geo-targeted campaign-first that triggered a man hunt on the streets of the UK.

Driving mass awareness.

Lynx wanted to drive mass awareness and desire for their new limited edition can amongst a target market of 13 to 25-year old men.

This was the first limited edition product Lynx had launched in six years and the culmination of the brand’s existing three-year partnership with Anthony Joshua as he rose to the top of the boxing world.

Changing behaviours.

We had to do something that had cut-through with our audience, which they would find cool and which, most importantly, changed their behaviour.

We needed influencer appeal, a sense of scarcity and ideally people running through the streets trying to get their hands on our new product…

Bespoke interactive web app.

We gave AJ’s fans what they all wanted to see: a fight. We sent young guys all around the UK on a gamified, smartphone treasure hunt.

In partnership with proximity tech experts LANDMRK, we built a bespoke interactive web app. Tapping into youth ‘surprise drop’ culture, we digitally hid 5 hand-signed AJ cans in places of special significance for him e.g. his first boxing club. Find a gold can through our app and win the ultimate prize for this audience: tickets to his next fight.


Driving consideration.

In a time when it’s difficult enough to get our target audience to look up from their phone at a TV ad, we got them to digitally and physically engage with our campaign and hit the streets in their thousands in a rush to track down our new Lynx cans.

The AJ Lynx Drop earned a huge reach on both AJ’s and Lynx channels with 4.4m+ impressions from AJ’s Instagram and Facebook channel.

An impressive number of people interacted with the campaign and joined the hunt with 36k fans joining the hunt using our app to see if they could find a drop site near them.


What I found amazing about the campaign was that more than 1 out of every 20 people that clicked the campaign URL visited a physical hotspot

Tom Nield, Co-founder of LANDMRK

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