Creating a data-driven CRM programme that delivers for NS&I (and helps the nation save)

NS&I. Moments to save

NS&I is the Government-backed savings bank best known for Premium Bonds. They came to us looking for ways to bring down their average customer age and make their brand and products relevant to a new generation.  

Suspecting there may be natural saving moments NS&I weren’t capitalising upon, we mined their data to identify and confirm those which applied specifically to younger audiences, including parents of child savers.

Off the back of this, we built customer engagement touchpoints around moments like Christmas cash, customer birthdays and the subtler September reset – when summer freedoms give way to new-season focus and intent.

The first year of our new CRM programme smashed all of the client’s targets:

-3 YEARS average customer age reduction
+20% active customers under the age of 16
+15% customers making regular savings 
+10% customers setting up standing orders to save regularly


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