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Let’s face it, being a teen is tough. From the existential to the trivial, teens are constantly navigating and facing challenges that may cause them to be a tad… well… monosyllabic with their good-intentioned parents.

 So when Nutella asked us to come up with a new platform that would drive consideration for their B-ready bars with parents and teens, we knew we needed to make this light and delicious snack the boost of positivity that would help facilitate connections.

 Our ‘Now you’re talking’ concept took on a dual meaning. 1) As an expression of enthusiastic approval and agreement it helped us land great taste. And 2) It was an affirmation for parents that they could speak the language of their teens and make real connections.

 This campaign stretched across all social platforms and was supported by extensive shopper executions.


  • 2.57 million unique viewers reached across Facebook and Instagram (63% over original target)
  • 1.8 million unique viewers reached on Pinterest  
  • 14% completion rate with a click through rate of 6% (both figures above original targets)

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