Meaningful connections, right communities, right contexts

Social and Influence

Whether its mould-breaking creative, round the clock moderation, or partnering with creators to deliver impactful, influential campaigns, we know how, where and when to engage on behalf of brands.

TMW’s Social Influence team has been delivering impactful, innovative social and influencer campaign clients for over 10 years, making us one of the most established social departments in the UK. The team is comprised of experts whose goal is to identify meaningful connections, with the right communities, in the right contexts – all underpinned by data and insight.


Our deep expertise across social, community, influencer and analytical platforms allows us to take a truly insight-led approach to all our briefs, which we’ve executed for many global household brands, spanning multiple sectors. 

Whether it’s creating best-in-class always-on content for VOXI, supporting new parents round the clock with Danone, or launching an ambassador collective in Europe for Amazfit, our ability to plug into the wider integrated capabilities of TMW means no idea is too small or too large to activate.

We pride ourselves on being able to plug into campaign ideas of all breadths and deliver truly exciting, insight-driven social creative content, powering it with our community building skills.

We work with creators of all sizes to help supercharge campaigns, tapping into reach, authenticity, and community-first content creation to humanise brands and unlock new audiences. Dovetailing with our data, insight and performance teams, we ensure we are leading with effectiveness, targeting with precision, and accurately measuring our campaigns for long-lasting.

Our capabilities are market-leading, with our content, community and influencer strategies winning multiple awards annually from industry bodies and platforms respectively. And it isn’t just our work that gets noticed – our team itself also regularly receives industry recognition for helping to shape the future of social.

Adulting for Kinder Bueno

We learned from social listening that our target audience loved acknowledging their ‘grown up’ behaviours (such not killing their plants) with the popular hashtag #adulting, and used this insight to position Bueno as the ultimate adulting reward, creating a catchy ‘adulting’ anthem in the process.

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