Delivering Unilever’s most successful brand purpose campaign ever

Simple. Choose Kindness

In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 teens experience online bullying – and it’s only getting worse.
As the UK’s No.1 skincare brand, Simple wanted to make a stand. 

In-line with their new brand purpose – being Kind to People – our aim was to make a real difference by reaching out to their teen audience in a totally new way. 

With help from Ditch the Label, an international anti-bullying charity, and Little Mix, a band that has been directly affected by this issue, we encouraged Gen Z to stand tall, wipe away the hate, and #ChooseKindness.

The campaign included:
  • Social films featuring Little Mix

  • A custom-made Twitter chatbot

  • Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight Ad to get #ChooseKindness trending

  • Bespoke Snap filter

  • Specially designed GIPHY stickers

  • On World Kindness Day, we also ran a LIVE Q&A on Twitter

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