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Sony 'Statues' 30" TVC

Supporting Sony Mobile with the product launch of the new Xperia XZ Premium, we played on the insight that we’re all beginning to take technological advances for granted – and in the process, missing the joy they could bring. So we called on a group of people who always embrace the wonderful: children.

In a series of faux science experiments, our mini scientists brought three amazing features to life: the world’s first Super Slow Motion recording in a smartphone, Hi Resolution Audio, and the world’s first 4K HD recording in a smartphone. Originally slated as social activity, the films were loved so much by regional marketing teams that they ran on TV around the world. As ever, the campaign was augmented by a raft of influencer and social activity.

Sony 'Cactus' 30" TVC

Sony 'Cymbals' 30" TVC

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