Making a success of Succession


Succession's critical acclaim and cult status meant that there was a lot of buzz around the third season. Getting cut through for NOW in amongst all the publicity was tougher than a pep talk from Logan Roy – we needed to find a way to make them part of the conversation.

At the heart of Succession is a story of siblings desperately fighting for their father’s love, often going to extreme lengths to win his approval. In one of the show’s funniest moments, Roman Roy buys his dad a football team, Hearts, only to find out his dad supports their Edinburgh rivals, Hibs.

Nothing gets the UK talking like football, and high-profile takeovers of British clubs can dominate the news cycle, so we made this plotline a reality. Not only did we put the Roys’ fictional company on Hearts’ actual shirt, we hosted a media day with their manager and players to promote the takeover.

Case study


  • Cannes Lions Shortlist for Brand Storytelling
  • 1,285 pieces of editorial across national, sports, consumer lifestyle and regional titles, with a total editorial reach of 176.6 million
  • 98% of coverage included NOW branding, and 86% including messaging saying NOW was 'the place to watch Succession'.
  • 647,500 impressions and 37,352 engagements for NOW & Hearts' Twitter channels, without paid support

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