Celebrating our community of dedicated gym-goers

Bulk. Together We Gain   

Some people don’t go to the gym. Some people go to the gym. Some people really go to the gym.

Our brief, part of a wider goal to reposition Bulk as a leader in nutritional supplements, was to reach out to the most dedicated members of their community. Our research and strategy insights told us that this was a category ripe for reinterpretation – one that had become complacent on big product discounts and shots of bulging biceps, while overlooking a more interesting truth.

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For our audience of ‘focused gainers’, the gym is far more than just a place to get a workout: it’s also their social space, place of pilgrimage and a home from home that’s crucial to their mental wellbeing and sense of self.  

The social-first creative that emerged from these insights was a love letter to this community, and a campaign markedly different from category and audience norms. By targeting a deliberately narrow and close-knit community, it celebrated the togetherness that creates both lasting results… and lasting bonds.

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