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Vodafone Thinking outside the inbox 

VeryMe Rewards teaser, created by our in-house MOVE Studios

 We’re proud to work with Vodafone as a strategic and creative agency partner, fusing data and creativity to deliver standout work across the customer lifecycle, driving value and revenue for Vodafone across multiple touch points.
We take a smart holistic approach, using test and learn optimisation to drive ever better results, and making innovative use of the latest tech including AI and Real-Time Personalised Video platforms.
From welcome journeys to retention, from monthly newsletters to launching a whole new loyalty proposition, we work across the entire portfolio to ensure every email, video and social asset is highly crafted, and highly effective.


Our teaser campaign to launch Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards, resulted in more than half a million offers claimed by customers within the first two weeks alone
• Increased NPS score year-on-year to a record 26 points
• We reduced call-centre traffic by 5,000 calls per month pushing customers towards self-service through our revamped welcome journey
• Established new innovative channels to engage customers such as RCS and Personalised Videos


Brand Film Festival 2020
Digital Impact Awards Finalist 2019
DMA Awards 2019
The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2020

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