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As one of the first-to-market and best-known weight-loss programmes, WeightWatchers suffered from misperception in the face of new, digital-first competitors. Consumers believed WW to be restrictive and old fashioned. 
But WW has always moved with the times and was already home to an innovative new product built around an award-winning app. 
This was a product with renewed purpose: to help you enjoy being healthy, without restricting your life. 

Our primary job was to communicate this to an increasingly broad audience, and then inspire them to give WeightWatchers a go post-Christmas, a crucial (and busy) period for the weight-loss industry.  
Our strategy was to shift the focus from restriction to empowerment. From diet culture to body positivity. And to show people that, with WW, it wasn’t just about the weight you lose – but about all the things you gain too. 
Through our creative platform, ‘Love your body,’ we encouraged people to care for and appreciate their bodies, with our brilliant members as the inspiration. There were no actors, no polished sets, just real people living real lives with WeightWatchers.  
We celebrated the joy in WeightWatchers and showed that the feeling of being healthy is the real goal – not a number on the scales. We showed that you could enjoy nourishing your body, exercise in your own way, and love being you. And we showed how WW fits around a full and active life, including delicious food and nights out with mates.  


As well as national TV, our insight-led brand platform came alive through a timely, integrated and highly-targeted comms ecosystem across DRTV, social and digital – backing up emotive brand messages with rational proof points showing how WW is personalised, fun and incredibly effective. 
While this campaign was focused on brand perception, addressing a key emotional barrier, our primary KPI is always sign-ups. In challenging market conditions where we could only increase our media spend by 1%, we successfully increased media-driven sales by an impressive 20%.  


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