Launching China's biggest online car market-place in Europe

Yes Auto. Finding the one

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Car buying can be laborious. On average people go through 900 digital touchpoints before deciding on the one, and 60% admit to making their choice out of exhaustion. Autohome, China’s largest online marketing place asked us to launch across Europe.

They had the tech, but we needed to make sure they hit of off with European car buyers. After thorough testing with our Human Understanding Lab we developed a new brand: Yes Auto – from the name to the logo to the tone of voice – and then devised the launch campaign.

Our idea was simple – show that searching for your perfect car is as fun as searching for your perfect partner in life. Our integrated campaign launched in the UK and Germany with Data-driven media planning and in-flight optimisation, ensuring a highly impactful campaign that punched well above its weight. And all filmed during lockdown.

Our integrated PR strategy ensured the conversation flowed with both B2C and B2B audiences, and for car dealerships a bespoke campaign ran across print, LinkedIn and display – to show them Yes Auto was a transformational tool for their business.


1.2M people driven to site
93M TV impacts
+6.8% above targets 
25M online views
350 pieces of coverage
+80% on PR KPIs

Yes Auto Case study


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