Cannes Young Lions 2018 Shortlist

Cannes Young Lions 2018 Shortlist

The shortlist for Cannes Young Lions has been announced and we are delighted to say, Kate Craggs, copywriter and Rob Lloyd, art director have been shortlisted.

We sat down with them to hear what it means to them to be nominated. 

What does it mean to you to be shortlisted for Cannes Young Lions?

Cannes is the Mecca for all creatives so we’re both really chuffed to have been shortlisted.

The Young Lions competition takes place over 24 hours from 6pm on a Friday until the next day. And at the end of a working week (with only the mice for company), you do start to lose your mind in the wee hours of Saturday morning! (Thanks to Tom Harman and Matt Vaughan for being our nocturnal sense-checkers)

Unlike other award submissions, you have no knowledge of competitor work or entries – so it’s really rewarding to know we were on the right track!

What was the brief?

 It was set by the youth homeless charity, Depaul UK. On a very minimal budget, they asked for a social campaign that rose the charity’s profile, and encouraged people to donate, volunteer and offer up spare rooms to young homeless people.

What was your idea?

Our campaign was called Big Night In. On World Homeless Day 2018, we asked people to donate their Big Night Out to give a young homeless person a Big Night In. 

As well as engaging a range of influencers, we capitalised on Depaul UK’s existing relationship with Channel 4 to create a Big Night In of entertainment. 

To remove the stigma around offering up your spare room to a stranger, Gogglebox stars invited a young homeless person onto their sofa alongside the charity’s ambassador HRH Prince Harry. We then created live Gogglebox TV idents with the content throughout the night.

What is your favourite campaign shortlisted/awarded over the years and why?

Rob: I love Adidas’ D Rose Jump Store campaign which won a Cannes Gold in 2014. The concept is so simple – if you can jump high enough to reach the new shoes, you deserve to own them. The media strategy was genius, seeding the event through pirate radio and chicken shops to reach the target audience. And the gritty campaign film is badass.

Kate: It’s pretty old now but Leo Burnett Tailor Made ran the ‘My Blood is Red and Black’ campaign back in 2012. It’s such an innovative way of encouraging blood donations – removing the red from a football team’s kit until supporters donate to top it up. And I love the human truth around sporting patriotism – fans will do anything to convert or one-up their rivals. 

How long have you been at TMW? 

Rob: 3 years, 8 months

Kate: 1 year, 4 months

What’s your favourite campaign you’ve worked on and why?

Last year, we helped to launch Vodafone’s new youth brand, VOXI. The whole experience was really fast-paced, and we worked in a great tight-knit team at TMW to get us over the line.

Our launch campaign involved working with up-and-coming illustrators to design a range of limited edition phone cases, which were promoted across a range of social and digital channels. It was really rewarding to help give young creatives a platform (you can see one illustrator’s work on a mural by the 1st floor kitchen) – and to be chosen as one of Campaign’s Top 10 Customer Engagements of 2017.

The campaign culminated in a launch event at the Truman Brewery, where we got to see our work on a mammoth scale as part of the OOH assets too. 

What’s your most memorable agency moment? 

Rob: Tour de Creston in 2017. We ended up following the Strava map which diverted us to the middle of nowhere. We found ourselves pushing our bikes through the long grass of a farmer’s field for two hours.

Kate: When the 1st floor HQ Team made it to question 12 and won the pot. (It could happen…)