July 17, 20201 Comment

Black Lives Matter or Pride Season: What should we be talking about?

“As a gay white man, I can never truly understand how a person’s skin colour affects their lives. However, I do understand prejudice and everyday discrimination from a gay man’s perspective. In light of the current, historic Black Lives Matter movement, this is a time to acknowledge the sheer resilience, bravery and power that LGBTQ+ black icons have had."

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July 17, 2020No Comments

COVID accelerates virtual auto shows

With the auto sector being severely disrupted by COVID-19 and the cancellation of Geneva Motorshow 2021, our team review the impact on future car launches.

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July 7, 20201 Comment

Travel in the face of COVID-19

We recently launched new creative for Travelzoo to inspire Britons to keep dreaming of and planning for holidays to take after lockdown. The insight is simple and relatable – the mind wandering to the things we’re missing while stuck indoors.

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July 6, 2020No Comments

“The New Normal”

How TMW is thriving through the clichés.

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