In for a penne.

Redesigning and building Barilla’s new global website to fulfil the variety of needs of their 30+ local markets.

Before this project, each of Barilla’s local markets used a different website, with different content, presenting a very inconsistent view of the brand. Our challenge was to create and design a modern new site that could host the wide-range of content needed to deliver an effective web experience across markets.


Catering for different appetites

Our global site would need to work incredibly hard to appeal to its varied audience. And we would need to make sure it would be just as relevant to people in China, where they know very little about pasta or Barilla, as it would be in the US where both pasta and the brand are well known.


The recipe

With content ranging from recipe ideas to pasta shapes, we user-tested various ways to display it all to meet the different needs of the different markets. This ensured the final site was effective, whether we were promoting our brand or pasta in general.

A satisfying serving

We built the site using a single, centrally-managed codebase, meaning any edits we made to the global site would automatically carry across to the local markets. So no matter where a visitor is from, they’ll experience the same intuitive site and will be able to find the content they needed.