Causing a stir.

Persuading people to use Bertolli with Butter in their cooking to create authentic Italian dishes.

Bertolli wanted people to start using Bertolli with Butter more frequently and as more than just a spread on bread. To build on its strong Italian heritage, our specific focus was to encourage people to try it in an authentic Italian way — stirred through pasta.

Showing pasta some passion

The way people cook and eat pasta follows a fairly standard routine — one that doesn’t include adding butter. To change this, we enlisted Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo to create a TV ad and online video demonstrating how easy and delicious Bertolli with Butter and pasta can be.

Spreading the word

We shared Gennaro’s videos across our social and digital channels, promoting them on search, and created a European-wide toolkit to inspire people to use Bertolli with Butter in new ways. And as people started showing their pasta some passion, Bertolli achieved an increase in market share.