Black Space.


Use a physical space to help Lynx launch a new understated grooming range – Lynx Black – and convince our audience that the brand has grown up.


Our Solution

We developed a physical space that formed the centrepiece of the campaign and embodied the new positioning – embrace the art of the understatement.

Our first task was to give this space a name, style and a purpose. It was to be an escape from the noise and excesses of urban life, where guys could attend stripped-back, authentic events. We live-streamed music, grooming, films and talks through Periscope using a multi-angled camera all from within the walls of the Lynx Black Space.

We designed and built a mobile-first microsite to introduce the Black Space to the UK, providing a destination for digital display and search.

For the launch of this unique space, we sent handmade invites to influencers. Using a special vinyl cutter, we created an understated look that rejected the usual PR fluff and noise. Nestled in the invitation box was an icon of classic understated style – the simple black T-shirt. But this simple garment had a few tricks up its sleeve as we hand-sewed unique Bluetooth chips into each one. This meant that using a bespoke iPad app, we could track our influencers and provide them with an exclusive experience. From their favourite drink at the bar ready to welcome them, through to a personalised ASOS collection and Jack The Clipper haircut, we could organise all of this from their social media information without them having to say a word.

To promote the venue and increase footfall, we crafted a suite of ads. Inserts in GQ and FHM Shortlist cover wraps were seen by 600,000 Londoners. We also formed additional curb appeal with OOH ads around Shoreditch, proximity SMS broadcasts, live window drawing controlled by Twitter, and worked with influencers to create and amplify the events at the venue. All of this provided evidence that Lynx really has grown up.

  • 52 million social media impressions
  • 2.55 million video views
  • 60% social reach outside of London

The Lynx Black campaign was the brand’s first concerted effort to acknowledge that the way guys want to portray themselves has changed, and what girls want from guys has changed too.