Fallen Angel.


To raise awareness and drive purchase of the new Lynx Excite range by engaging the brand’s target audience of 18-24 year old males through social media.

Our Solution

The Fallen Angel campaign takes the form of an interactive and highly personalised video starring Kelly Brook as an archangel who is stuck in heaven, only to be released when she finds ‘The One’ (the viewer). In the video, a trinity of angels work tirelessly to find ‘The One’, a legendary human who when combined with the scent of Lynx Excite will release the archangel. The video uses Facebook Connect to create a personalised experience whereby Kelly Brook addresses the viewer by name and even falls to earth and appears outside their home. Viewers can then share their experience with their Facebook friends.

As well as targeting Lynx’s 170,000 Facebook followers, the video was supported by banner ads, teaser videos, and behind the scenes footage. The ads end with the strapline ‘Will Kelly fall for you?’, enticing viewers to take part in the interactive video experience.


  • 1.96 billion total impressions
  • 347 million engagement
  • 85 million video views across all platforms
  • 470 million PR impressions

Qualitative research suggests that our Facebook fans are more likely to buy our products more often than those not engaged with our social media.

Digital Creative Director