Men In Progress.

Changing the way modern men think about Lynx by challenging their perceptions of masculinity.

Although Lynx has always been a brand synonymous with men, it was increasingly being thought of as immature and outdated. No longer all about ‘getting the girl’, our task was to help change the perception of Lynx and reposition them as a relevant brand for young men of 2016.

Like Father Like Son
Proud to Be

Redefining a man’s man

Men In Progress explored the idea of modern masculinity through a series of nine short films. Featuring guys talking about a range of topics, from the last time they cried to how they feel about their body, each one offered a new take on what it is to be a man today.

We released several episodes to coincide with related events, such as Father’s Day where our film featured fathers and sons reflecting on their relationship.

Body Image

A new kind of Lynx Effect

Every film, whether heart-warming or heart-breaking, was rooted in a raw authenticity unlike anything the brand had produced before. And each received an incredibly positive reaction in the press and on social – marking a real shift in the way people were talking about Lynx.